Alexis de Coninck

RG LAB 2050

RG LAB 2050

Product Design, RG Partnership

The 2050 RG LAB seat was designed to improve both visual and physical comfort of the spectator.

For the physical comfort, the seat is not a plastic shell anymore. An intelligent and reactive foam can adapt to the spectator body. Using the tablet, she/ he can decide how stiff she/he wants the seat to be.

The tournament happening in May, it is not unusual to have temperatures going above the 30°C (> 86 °F). A refrigerated is located under the seat. The spectator can keep his drinks cool enough, and not miss anything of the game, that can sometimes last more than 5 hours.
To help his sight comfort, a tablet will deploy from the back of the seat in front of him.

The tablet is a OLED touch-screen with adjustable opacity. It can be fully transparent, and act as a “digital magnifying glass”. It displays information about the players, results, game statistics...
It can also be opaque, and be used in a more classic style. The spectator can chose among all the different arena cameras, and use a digital zoom to create his customized broadcast. He can also watch slow motions, and record on any Bluetooth device.
Thus, anybody can watch how it pleases them.